International partner for

Business Intelligence a Data Warehouse

MAIND and Neit Consulting form an international trade-supply group

The existing cooperation between the companies MAIND and Neit Consulting has culminated in the creation of a joint trade-supply group – Neit Group. It will represent both businesses on the Slovak, Czech and Austrian markets, specifically in the fields of Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, CRM and BPM.

The companies will maintain their current business names and jurisdiction of respective markets, but they will be brought together by the joint group Neit Group a.s. The goal is to increase competitiveness on all markets – to offer a broader and more complex portfolio of services, more flexible supply and maximal transparency for international clients. The leadership of Neit Group a.s. will be secured by Róbert Sándor and Vlastimil Šimek.

Neit Group earns €11.7 million in revenue and is equipped with 160 specialists focused primarily on the field of DWH and BI.

MAIND s.r.o. has been operating on the Slovak market since 2005 with focus on Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence. Its clients are mainly companies in the banking and insurance sector, telecommunication, tourism, entertainment, and retail. MAIND’s strengths are affirmed by many positive references based primarily on the Microsoft and Oracle technologies. MAIND is a Silver Partner for Microsoft BI. Aside from the standard services, MAIND provides a cloud-based BI as a service solution. The company was established in 2005, with €4,1 million in sales in 2017. It provides its services to customers not only from Slovakia, but also from Austria and Czech Republic.

Neit Consulting s.r.o. is the leading supplier of Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions on the Czech market. The main sectors, in which Neit Consulting operates, are finance, telecommunication, transportation, and production. The company’s primary focus is on the Oracle, SAS, and Microsoft technologies. Neit Consulting is the Oracle Golden Partner, SAS Silver Partner and Microsoft Partner. Its most popular product is the leading solution for process automation on the Czech market – Team assistant. The company was established in 2005, with €7.6million revenue in 2017.